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Weight loss: Diary product banned from Michael Mosley’s Mediterranean diet – ‘Avoid it!’


Dr Michael Mosley has helped millions get healthy and lose weight. For anyone following a Mediterranean diet, he has shared a few tips about what should be eaten and what should be avoided for maximum results. 

What is a Mediterranean diet? 

The Mediterranean diet varies by country and region, so it has a range of definitions. 

But in general, the diet is high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil. 

It usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods.

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As for what Dr Michael’s advice is, he says dieters should “focus on high-quality protein”. 

This “includes oily fish, prawns, chicken, turkey, pork, beef and eggs”. 

As for vegetable sources of protein, he listed: “Soya, edamame beans, Quorn and hummus.” 

“Limit processed meats such as bacon and salami to no more than a couple of times a week.” 

He also suggested eating “more healthy fats and oils”. 

“Full-fat yoghurt is good and cheese in moderation is fine.” 

As for why Dr Michael suggests butter instead of margarine, he explained: “Margarine itself is processed and made from vegetable oil. 

“As vegetable oil is liquid at room temperature, a process called hydrogenation takes place, which resultantly creates trans-fat.”

Trans fats “should be avoided where possible”, he urged. 

While margarine has less saturated fat than butter, Dr Mosley pointed out that “saturated fat is not necessarily a bad thing”.

“New studies have found no direct link between saturated fats and heart health.” 

Butter is made from churning cream – a natural whole food and the diet expert recommends eating it in moderation. 

He said: “We’re not advising you to lather butter onto every meal. 

“However, a small amount every now and then will cause far less harm than processed margarine and spreads.”

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