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What does mucus in poo mean? The 8 potential causes


Usually, healthy mucus is clear or may appear white or slightly yellow.

To tell if your mucus is healthy, you need to look at how much there is and what colour it is.

Dr Lee said: “Mucus is abnormal if there is an increase in the quantity, a marked change in the colour, or it becomes blood-stained.

“If it is copious, your stools may be full of mucus, and it may be present on the toilet paper when you wipe yourself.”

Sometimes your gut can produce too much mucus, which is why you might see too much in your poo.

Dr Lee explained: “Chronic stress can affect the integrity of the gut and disrupt the barrier function. When we feel stressed, we can literally feel our stomach’s churning!

“Allergic reactions, infections and items in the diet such as spicy foods, can trigger an increase in the amount of mucus.

“Diseases such as Crohn’s disease result from gut wall inflammation which results in an increase in mucus production.

“Some types of bowel cancer are also known to increase mucus production.

“Some gastrointestinal conditions result in pus mixed in with the stools – pus is a type of mucus but resulting from an infection and is full of white cells and dead bacteria.

“Pus can be all different colours and has an unpleasant smell.”

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