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What has happened to the local news on BBC Breakfast?


Disappointed Brits have taken to social media to complain about the BBCs apparent scrapping of regional TV news. The BBC has stopped regional morning TV news bulletins, leaving many of us confused and in the dark about what’s happening in our local areas.

What has happened to the local news on BBC breakfast?

The disappearance of local bulletins is due to staff shortages, the BBC said.

The broadcaster said due to the COVID “pingdemic” they do not have enough staff to create the local news segments seen on the BBC Breakfast show.

Local news bulletins on the programme have been ditched until at least September.

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“Apart from a few exceptions, we have maintained normal services so far.

“Our priority is to protect the most popular news programme on TV; the regional news at 6.30pm on BBC One.

“To do this we are implementing some short-term measures to ease pressure on our teams.”

But these changes only apply in England.


Changes to the evening bulletins at 6.30pm might also be cancelled if staffing shortages continue.

It will likely mean that in some areas Brits could find their evening news bulletins being replaced by one of their neighbouring regions.

Many regional television schedules will be disrupted, and some won’t be aired at all until September.

This will disappoint many Britons as the news of these cancellations comes just as BBC Breakfast returns to TV screens.

The programme went off-air for two weeks to free up space for coverage of the Olympics in Tokyo.

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