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‘What’s next for the control freaks?’ EU destroyed over plans for speed-limited cars


Under the scheme, all vehicles sold throughout the continent from as early as July 2022 will need to be fitted with an intelligent speed assistance (ISA) tool. This will use GPS data and traffic cameras to decide if a driver is driving too fast and can subsequently restrict their vehicle’s power if they do. The UK is under no obligation to follow the European Union, but will likely still adopt the rules as it will help in the process of standardising manufacturing practices.

But the latest controversial plan from the EU has sparked fury among Brexiteers.

Reacting to our initial story, one Express.co.uk reader raged: “What’s next for the control freaks? Will they proclaim we all dress the same?”

Another fumed: “Britain can decide to follow the rules or not. They no longer make the rules. That’s Brexit.”

A third person said: “It is time the UK cut all ties with the EU.”

While another reader added: “State control. This is the EU.”

One Express.co.uk reader questioned how safe the new proposals are, warning it could lead to “tragic accidents”.

They said: “This EU proposal of imposing speed limiting devices to vehicles sounds absolutely dangerous and will lead to tragic accidents.

“Thankfully, as we have left the dysfunctional EU, their rules no longer apply.”

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He warned firms should be adopting a “zero tolerance” approach to drivers who exceed speed limits, while throwing his support behind the new technology as it can be seen as a “genuine benefit” for vehicle owners.

Mr Golding insisted drivers are likely to see a fall in accidents and less instances of speeding due to the safety elements the system will provide.

Speaking to FleetNews, he said: “Our view is that the introduction of ISA technology is a moment that employers should be seizing as an opportunity to make clear that there is no corporate leeway when it comes to speeding and the dangers it represents.”

He added: “Our view is that this should be presented to drivers as a genuine benefit.

“Firstly, these are safer vehicles – reduced speed means fewer accidents and fewer serious accidents.

Secondly, it will potentially remove the chance of you picking up a speeding ticket.”

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