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When is the next Full Moon and how to see the Full Sturgeon Moon in the UK?


There is a full moon coming towards the end of this month that stargazers all over will be able to enjoy.

A full moon is one of the celestial highlights in the lunar calendar as the moon can be seen so clearly and bright.

Many people choose to observe the lunar cycle, and those who do may conduct certain rituals to mark the event.

The most important thing to be done during any lunar event is to reflect on what’s passed and what you want to happen next.

Astronomy fanatics who follow the moon’s phases consider the full moon to indicate coming towards the end of a cycle, and preparing for the future.

When is the August full moon?

The full moon in August will occur on August 22 and is expected to begin around 1:02pm.

When the moon is full it means the period in the lunar cycle when the moon is opposite the sun in its orbit around Earth.

Its sunlit side is illuminated and visible from the Earth’s perspective.

How to see the August full moon in the UK

A full moon is entirely visible to the naked eye once the sun has set and it is dark or becoming dark outside.

The moon will also appear full the night before and for three days after its peak to the casual stargazer.

Astronomy fanatics may choose to view the full moon through an eyepiece or telescope for a clearer image — but anyone should be able to enjoy the moon in all its brightness during this period.

Why is it called the Full Sturgeon Moon?

It is called a full moon because the moon is completely sunlit and appears as a circular disk to us on Earth.

Full Moons have been given names in many ancient cultures and August’s moon is called the “sturgeon” moon.

The names given to each moon of the month come from a number of traditional Native American, Colonial American, and European sources.

The name “sturgeon moon” is a type of fish. Sturgeons were often caught in the Great Lakes and in Lake Champlain in North America at this time of year, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Other names for this Full Moon include Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon from Old English/Anglo-Saxon.

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