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Which vinegar should you use for cleaning? Two types you MUST avoid eating


Vinegar is a vital tool for a natural cleaner’s toolbox. The liquid has properties that allow people to tackle tough messes around the house either alone or combined with other ingredients. But they will want to invest only in select types, as some may only worsen the situation.

Which vinegar should you use for cleaning?

Vinegar is the product of grain alcohol mixed with oxygen.

People can make it with any alcohol product, provided it can develop bacteria and acetic acid.

These allow it to develop several distinctive tastes, but they won’t all function as effective cleaners.

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While they both have a vinegar label on the bottle, they are highly acidic.

Cleaning vinegar is for use around household messes only, as that one percent of additional acidity over white distilled vinegar makes it 20 percent more potent.

If ingested, cleaning vinegar will damage the body, as it can also damage some surfaces.

Industrial vinegar is another beast entirely, as it consists of 20 to 30 percent acid and is suited to killing weeds or cleaning commercial buildings.

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