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Why is New Zealand going into another lockdown? NZ harsh lockdown rules in full


One person has tested positive for Covid in Auckland. This is the first community case of Covid found in New Zealand in six months. Officials have been quick to act imposing a level 4 lockdown nationwide.

The last Covid case recorded in the country was in February this year.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has taken a strict approach to outbreaks throughout the pandemic.

Ms Ardern has refused to relax rules around international travel throughout the pandemic in a bid to keep new variants out.

The Prime Minister continues to pursue a zero-tolerance approach towards the virus in her latest decision to lockdown the entire country over one positive Covid case.

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Hard lockdown measures will be in place for three days for the whole of the country.

Measures will be imposed for a longer period for Auckland, lasting for a minimum of seven days.

New Zealand’s lockdown rules in full

Level 4 lockdown stipulates schools, offices and all businesses will be closed, with only essential services allowed to operate.


This latest case has no known link to outside the country.

The person who tested positive had not come into contact with an arrival from abroad or been abroad recently.

This has sparked concerns over contact tracing.

The outbreak may be more challenging to contain, as it can’t be traced back to a single source, such as a foreign arrival.

This strict response has enabled the country to virtually eliminate Covid throughout the country – allowing New Zealanders to largely live without restrictions.

Ms Ardern’s “go hard, go early” strategy may be seen by many as being overly cautious, but it has allowed New Zealand to stay on top of most outbreaks and to limit their exposure to infectious new variants.

New Zealand has been praised for its handling of the pandemic.

It has recorded just 26 deaths from the virus since the start of the pandemic.

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