Home News Will the Afghanistan crisis result in another refugee crisis?

Will the Afghanistan crisis result in another refugee crisis?


Charles Miller, human rights lawyer at Gherson Solicitors, has called for a “meaningful shift in policy” to ensure all vulnerable Afghans are accommodated.

He told Express.co.uk: “In the current post-Brexit political climate and “crack down” on illegal migration, however; and with the introduction of the Nationality and Borders Bill – a main tenant of which includes penalising asylum seekers who travel to the UK illegally or through a “safe country” – immigration practitioners are not likely to be holding their breath.

“Noises coming from other countries reflect a general reluctance to welcome Afghan refugees, despite the full extent of migratory flows arising out of the humanitarian crisis being difficult to predict at present.

“France, Germany and EU representatives have been quick to advocate a cautious approach; and even “robust” immigration policies, keen to guard against a repeat of the 2015/2016 European Refugee Crisis, when the European international community spectacularly failed to deal with the massive influx of refugees in need of protection from Syria.

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