Home News ‘Winston Churchill white supremacist REALLY?!’ Jeremy Vine slaps down Femi Oluwole

‘Winston Churchill white supremacist REALLY?!’ Jeremy Vine slaps down Femi Oluwole


Former US President Donald Trump slammed Joe Biden for removing a bust of wartime leader Winston Churchill from the White House. In a heated debate between Jeremy Vine guests on the decoration, Femi Oluwole insisted “nobody cares”. But he was silenced by Jeremy Vine and a guest who noted history should not be erased.

Speaking on his Channel 5 show, Mr Oluwole said: “Nobody cares. Let’s be clear: Winston Churchill was a white supremacist.

“Objectively he said nothing wrong was done to the black people in Australia or the natives in America because a stronger, higher grade race was coming and taken their place.”

Mr Vine interjected: “So the headline is, ‘Winston Churchill was a white supremacist’. That was the main point about his life – really?”

Mr Oluwole continued: “If you’re having someone’s statue in a political office that implies you agree with them politically.”

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Guest Peter added: “A bust is a bust. We must never get rid of our history because our history reminds us of how bad we were.

“A bust is a bust!”

In a GB News interview last night, Mr Trump described Sir Winston Churchill as “a very handsome man”.

After Mr Farage mentioned the defacing of a statue of the former British prime minister, Mr Trump said: “Well you saw Churchill’s beautiful bust being removed from the White House.

“When I got there I said ‘send it back’. They call, would you like to have the bust of Winston Churchill? A great one. Right? Even you would say that.

“And I said I absolutely want it.”

He added: “And as you know, President Obama, I believe, sent it back. He didn’t want it. And I said, ‘let’s bring it back to the White House’.”

Mr Farage said President Biden had the Churchill bust removed on his first day in office, and Mr Trump said: “I mean, why would you do that with Winston Churchill when you’re trying to get along with your country?

“And you send… it’s such a token, but such an important token. No, I had it back, for my entire time it was there, and look, he was a very handsome man.”


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It came as Mr Trump slammed the Biden administration over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The former US president branded the decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan as the “most embarrassing moment in our history.”

Trump told Farage on GB News: “If you look at what’s going on and Afghanistan with the withdrawal, which was, I think the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country and you look at our borders, what’s happening with our borders.

“You look at the cost of energy, we were energy independent and we no longer are.

“You look at so many different things, you and I could talk all day, and it’s a shame what’s happened to the United States.”

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