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‘Woke’ hit National Trust to offer staff lunchtime siestas to escape UK’s blistering sun


In order to escape the blistering British sunshine, staff will be able to take longer lunch breaks. Workers may also be allowed to start earlier in the morning before the temperature rises, much like they do on the continent. Due to the rise in temperatures because of climate change, the National Trust fears tourists could avoid hotter parts of the day.

A National Trust spokesperson said: “We have a lot to do to prepare the UK tourist industry for the effects of climate change.

“Much of the debate around tourism and climate change to date has rightly focussed on international travel and the impact flights and foreign holidays is having.

“But what hasn’t been fully addressed is what the domestic tourism industry could be facing unless we take drastic action to reduce emissions.

“The National Trust is already taking action but there is much to be done across the industry to collectively prepare us for more frequent days above 30C, higher winds and increased flooding.”

The policy has been revealed alongside analysis of its 500 heritage properties across the country, over 700 miles of coastline and 600,000 acres of countryside between 2015 and 2019.

According to the analysis, visitor numbers decline dramatically once the temperature rises to 28C (82.4F), while the ideal day for tourists is 21C (69.8F) with some wind.

The National Trust’s Ham House in Richmond was forced to close in August 2019 due to temperatures rising above 40C (104F).

Due to this, the property is one of the first to adopt new working hours in line with the Mediterranean policy.

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The claims stem from the organisation’s plans to address links between its sites and slavery.

A report on the “Connections between Colonialism and Properties now in the Care of the National Trust, Including Links with Historic Slavery” detailed the connections with 93 historic places across the country.

A group named “Restore Trust” was founded earlier this year as a result of the organisation’s alleged agenda and planned to oust chairman, Tim Parker.

One of its members, Tony Adler, said: “The plan is to change the whole ethos formally.

“And to get rid of the chairman.

“There has been a sea change in the Trust’s philosophy and they have lost sight of their charter.”

Despite the allegations, National Trust director general Hilary McGrady defended the charity for talking about slavery and racism.

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