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‘Works wonders’: Mrs Hinch fan shares ‘helpful’ hack to remove smears from windows


Mrs Hinch fans often take to dedicated cleaning social media pages to share their tips and tricks with one another. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one fan shared a hack with other users showing them how to easily clean windows.

The cleaning fan explained that from start to finish, inside and out, the technique only took around 40 minutes.

One fan commented: “Thanks so much for this helpful hack, will definitely be trying.”

Another wrote: “Can I ask why you add fabric softener? What does it do?”

The woman replied and explained: “Using washing up liquid alone might leave some smears so I always add a bit of fabric softener to help.

“It doesn’t matter what one you use, it also helps to leave the room smelling a lot nicer than washing up liquid.”

The Minky M Cloth for Glass & Window can be picked up for as little as £1.79 in supermarkets.

The company behind the green cleaning cloth said: “M Cloth for Glass & Window is made from millions of tightly woven high density microfibres, which quickly remove dirt and grease from windows and other glass surfaces.

“Its generous size makes light work of large surface areas, leaving a crystal clear finish every time.”

What’s more, the cleaning cloth doesn’t even need any products to work, just a small amount of water.

Fans took to the comments to share their other window cleaning techniques.

One said: “I use a cheap window cleaning spray from Sainsbury’s, works just fine for me.”

Another wrote: “I love the Minky green cloth, their products never fail to amaze me.”

“I always add a small amount of Zoflora to make sure they are also clean as well as streak-free.”

“I use my automatic window cleaner, you can pick one up for as little as £10, makes the job so much easier.”

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