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‘Worst terror threat to UK for years’ Experts warn after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan


Former British military personnel and experts on Afghanistan have described the unfolding situation as the “greatest danger” from Jihadist terrorism since the rise of the Islamic State. The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre currently define Britain’s terror threat level as “substantial”.

This means an attack on the UK is defined as likely.

However, “substantial” is still below “severe” and “critical”.

Speaking on Times Radio, Colonel Richard Kemp said Britain faces “the greatest danger from terrorism since the Islamic State at its height”.

Despite the Taliban’s promise not to become a haven for Islamist terrorism, Colonel Kemp claimed they “will allow and probably encourage Jihadists to pour into the country from all over the world, who plan, meet, prepare, train, organise and carry out strikes against the west from Afghanistan”.

Before his appearance on Times Radio, Colonel Kemp called on the Government to raise the threat level. He warned of an “immediately increased threat level from British Jihadists inspired and motivated by events in Afghanistan.”

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Sir Nicholas Kay, the UK’s ambassador in Afghanistan from 2017 to 2019, also said the Government could not trust Taliban rule in Kabul, adding: “I don’t think they’ve changed.”

The warning comes as the Prime Minister pressures the Taliban to uphold their promise not to allow terrorism to fester in Afghanistan.

“If the new regime in Kabul wants diplomatic recognition, or to unlock the billions that are currently frozen, they will have to ensure safe passage for those who wish to leave the country, to respect the rights of women and girls, to prevent Afghanistan from, again, becoming an incubator for global terror, because that would be disastrous for Afghanistan,” Boris Johnson said.

Johnny Mercer, Mr Johnson’s Conservative colleague, who went on three tours of Afghanistan with the British Army, wrote in the Sunday Times that the Taliban were “the same collection of gangsters, criminals and paedophiles with no regard for human life I fought against.”

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A bomb was detonated at the Hamid Karzai International Airport leading to the death of 13 US servicemen, two Britons and around 160 Afghans.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is set to join his counterparts in the G7, NATO, Qatar and Turkey on Monday.

According to the MailOnline, the Esher and Walton MP is expected to use the meeting to outline how Afghanistan cannot become a safe space for terrorism following the Taliban takeover.

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