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‘You ain’t coming!’ Vine caller insists he will ask Christmas guests to be double jabbed


With the spread of the latest coronavirus variant Omicron sweeping the UK and many other European countries, recent government statistics have shown that up to 11 million Brits have received their top-up booster jab already. Reports have also shown that around 45.9 million Brits have had 2 doses (79.9 percent) and around 50.5 million people have received one dose of the vaccine (87.7 percent) with 7 in 10 of the over 80s in England already vaccinated with booster. This morning on the Jeremy Vine show, Richard discussed the reasons why he will be staying away from those who have not yet received their vaccine.

Discussing Christmas party planning around the surge of the new variant Omicron Richard said: “But when I do plan one I shall ask everybody if they’ve been double jabbed, I’m not bothered if they have taken a test because that test is momentarily they could walk from A to B and catch the virus.”

Even those who have been vaccinated can still catch and spread the coronavirus but a divide has been showing between those who are hesitant to take it or may have health concerns and those who have taken the vaccines.

Richard added: “It’s my view if you haven’t been double jabbed you’re not taking the responsibility for yourself of this death coronavirus thing.”

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“And I understand that people can still get coronavirus when they have been double jabbed so why would you then go somewhere where everyone else is double jabbed.”

“I would just say no chance go away get yourself jabbed, I ain’t interested in a lateral flow test you ain’t coming to my party.”

Playing devil’s advocate for those who believe in the medical freedom to choose whether or not they get vaccinated Host Jeremy Vine chimed in and said:

“What about Richard if the only risk is on them, if the vaccine works they’re not risking anyone else’s life it is just their choice “

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In response to Mr Vines comment, Richard said: ” That is your choice to not come to my party then.”

The guest panel on Jeremy Vine began to laugh at the caller’s response to Mr Vine’s statement about the unvaccinated.

He added: “I’m saying if you’re double jabbed and they are not, by your logic.”

Before Mr Vine could finish his statement the caller butted in to say more,  Richard added: “They’re not coming, no they’re not coming.”

“They could give me coronavirus, I could still suffer from coronavirus, I could possibly die from it, sorry you ain’t coming.”

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Minister for Vaccines and Public Health Minister for Vaccines and Public Health, Maggie Throup said:

“We know that COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on ethnic minorities and this report helps us further understand the reasons why.

“The vaccine is our best defence against this virus and our phenomenal vaccine campaign has saved thousands of lives.”

You can still get your first vaccine, a second dose and if eligible, the booster jab to secure vital protection for yourself and your loved ones.”

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